Thursday, 7 December 2017

Too many photos! (and can Welington be any better?) Day 3

Slightly slower start. All slept well. Togs and lunches packed. Mr Robertson arrived. A walk. Pukeahu National War Memorial. Great War Exhibition. Sir Peter Jackson is amazing. More learning. So interesting.


Outside. War Memorial. Looking. Listening. Asking. Thinking. Answering. Learning. Wreath. Poem. Silence. Remembering. 

Thanks Ashley and Fin, you were the best!

Morning Tea. Selfies. Bus. Wellington suburbs. Island Bay. Park. Lunch. Play.  Clean up (no DOC :( ) Fun. Swim. Dan Manton joined in. 

Sandy feet. Washed off. On bus. Someone forgot. Wellington City. Fast walk. Capital E. 
Wake up Yaldhurst.

Check us out!

Bill English. Pizza. Wellington evening. Beautiful. Capital E. Multi-Player Gaming. Don't drive with these guys. It wasn't killing, they just retired. Prudence was the champion of all games. 


Still a stunner. Let's walk. Parents and teacher collude. Keen? You can jump. Mr Robertson is brave?

What a great day.

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