Sunday, 10 December 2017

The last day of camp

Slow wake up. More time. No Mt Victoria walk. Celebration! Pack bags. Find things. Lose things. Find things again. Breakfast. Make lunch. Flood in a bathroom. Oops. Very wet carpet. Suitcases stored. Time to walk.

Wellington Museum. What was it before? Bonds Store. Ask a student. They know. Explore the first flour. Wellington through the ages. 3 facts and up the stairs. 

Wahine Disaster. Listening. Learning. Answering questions. Watch a film. Moving. Surprising. Humanity is wonderful. 

Final level. Explore some more. Weird and quirky stuff. Make a badge. Time to go.

Walk back, quick march. Get bags. On the shuttles. Airport here we come.

Airport. Bags tagged. Tickets. A small wait. 

Bye Wellington - you were absolutely, positively amazing.

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  1. hi my name is myha and I am from Blaketown school.and I see that yous are at wellington I have been there whith my mum it is fun dase your class like the dragon it is cool
    by myha


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