Friday, 21 October 2016

The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Visits YMS :)

We loved: the guinea pigs and Bugsy. 
We learnt: the link between being cruel to animals when you are younger and serial killers is real. Lots of research has backed this up. If you see children being mean to animals tell them to stop: that's not ok!
We asked: Why did Bugsy eat the pie? How many people do you know convicted of serious crimes that were mean to animals when they were young?


  1. Hi Rimu class!
    I really like the part where the dog went around and you all got to pat the dog!!There are some nice photos on there. Did you guys enjoy the visit?What was your favourite parts?

  2. Hey Rimu Class
    I like this subject that you have brought up to tell people not to harm animals. I agree with you animals should not be harmed because I had to do an explanation on something and I chose to do why animals should not be harmed. So I really liked it. What happened to the guinea pigs and Bugsy?

    Kind Regards

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  4. Hi Rimu Class
    I agree with Noah about the message of not harming animals. It's something I feel quite deeply about and I think it's great that other people share the same feeling. I love the photo with the dog, is it a Grey hound or Whippet? Awesome post! Keep up the great work!


    1. Bonjour Ashleigh!
      I feel the same way about abusing animals, When I am older I want to open a stable for abused and Rejected race horses, I evan did a speech on it: .
      Bugsy (The dog) is a greyhound, did you know that greyhounds are big softies and couch potatoes?
      Merci, Au Revoir Ashleigh,
      From Hannah,
      Yaldhurst Model School,

    2. Wow Hannah!
      That's a really cool dream, I hope it can become reality. I want to do the same thing for dogs. I think it's great that we share such similar views about animals. I hope we can keep blogging in the future.


    3. Hey Hannah,
      I think that your dream would help a lot of animals if it came true. I don't like animal cruelty or the harming of animals either. I didn't know that greyhounds were big softies! In the picture it looked really cute!
      Please check out my blog:

      -Kind Regard,

  5. Hi Rimu Class
    I love how you've put the photos of the animals. I love how you put a video. Maybe you could make your video longer. I hope you enjoyed your day with all the animals.

    Kind Regards Ebony

  6. Hi Rimu Class
    I like animals and I also agree that harming animals is not okay. I like the picture of the dog and it looks like you had a lot of fun.

    kind regards

    1. Hey Rimu Class
      I agree with Flynn I love animals and harming them is definitely not okay!
      I would appreciate if you could check out my blog!


  7. Hi Rimu class
    You are SO lucky! Which was your favorite animal? I really like animals as well. My favorite animal is a dog but guinea pigs are cute too. I hope you guys had so much fun with the animals.
    from Charlee at CTK. If you would want to see my class blog go to
    Keep up the awesome blogging...

    1. Hey Charlee,

      This is such a quality blog comment!
      My favourite was the dog, I don't really like guinea pigs.
      My favourite animals is dog too!
      It was so much fun with the animals.
      Thanks for commenting on our class blog!

      Rimu class
      Yaldhurst Model School

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  9. How superb to see you are investigating the importance of caring for all creatures in our environment. The joy of caring for an animal gives so much to the animal and the person. Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures.

  10. Hi Rimu Class
    I agree that harming animals is not okay. And by the expressions on your faces it looked like you really enjoyed it.

    Kind regards

  11. Hi Rimu Class
    My names is Marsh, and I am from Park Estate School. I really liked your post about the SPCA animals. I think the dog is beautiful. I use to have a dog in Australia. I like looking through your blog.

    Kind Regards


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