Thursday, 19 May 2016

Bully Free NZ Week - What Act of Kindness have YOU done today?

This week we have been doing Acts of Kindness and recording them on a piece of paper when we see, feel or hear it. The class set a goal for everyone to do 2 each. I wonder if we will when we read them out on Friday? 
Enjoy watching our video we made this week!

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Happiness is...netball, netball, netball!

On Friday the Year 7/8 Netball team (with 5 Year 6s) had our first taste of Winter Sport. We had 4 grading games which means we then get put into the right grade for us from next week. We played 4 and lost 4 but we worked well as a team and most importantly - had FUN!

Things we did well: Passing, calling names and shooting.
Things we need to work on: Speed, being aggressive and our defense.

It was a sunny day and we loved playing in our new bibs!
By the Netballers!

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Rimu Class are celebrating NZSL Week with a taster class!

Jorja, our deaf student in our class, organised for us to have a taster session. We learnt new vocab and phrases so we can communicate better with Jorja. Shukoor, Nikita, Tim, Base, Ariana and Gus even volunteered to demonstrate sentences in front of the class - well done! 

Friday, 6 May 2016

The Mind Lab...with Jacob, Ian & Jayden!

For the next 6 weeks, every Friday morning, Ian, Jacob and Jayden are off to The Mind Lab to expand their skills and interest in coding, robotics, science and technology.

"I learnt how to use Scratch, which is coding. I learnt how to put everything in it's place. I created a really hard game. There is a base and you have to avoid the circles using a cube to get home. I found starting difficult - learning all the different instructions. I am looking forward to Week 3 where we will do robotics," said Jayden.

"I learnt how to create a game in Scratch. I haven't done that before. The game is basically a pacman maze, except your Pac-Man should not touch the black bits. It's really difficult. I am really looking forward to the robotics and engineering," said Jacob.

"I learnt how to use the instructions properly with direction - as you have to tell your piece what direction to go and how many degrees. I created a kind of Pac-Man game except you have to dodge the walls and there's no ghost. I am looking forward to making a movie and 2D animation. That's the stuff I really love in coding," said Ian.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

New Zealand Sign Language with Victoria; our NZSL Tutor!

Today we learnt how to finger spell the alphabet and also finger spell our names. I learnt how to say the word 'your', because I always thought it was pointing but from the video you can see I know how to do it properly, (with your fist). I felt seeing what everyone was spelling with their name quite difficult. I'm looking forward to the Name Game which we will play next time Victoria is in!

By Hannah Spragg