Friday, 8 June 2018

Woodend Camp - Day Two

After a less than great sleep (The teachers only got 4 hours of interrupted sleep! Good thing they work 9-3 and only term time eh?!?), but a delicious breakfast, we headed off on the bus to the new Taiora:QEII facility. There was a lot of excitement ... eeeek a hydroslide and a lazy river!!!

Following our hamburger lunch we got ready for the afternoon's activities; aerojump, climbing wall, archery and rifle shooting.

After all that activity you'd think a rest was in order but no, free time was on offer and so basketball, trampolines, maypole swinging and playground was the order of the day. Luckily dinner was full of colourful veggies and some drumsticks (and a crumble dessert).

Refuelled we headed out into the dark for a game of spotlight and then inside for some of our 'Posted' shared story and then the newspaper challenge. There were many prizes with design awards, special mentions, teamwork awards and the overall winner.

Best Design.

Whew! What a day. The beds were finally calling to all and so everyone settled in for the night and as the Dream Fairy weaved her magic and a hush settled over the camp, the parents and teachers sighed in relief and went to bed. 

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Woodend Camp - Day One

Despite the rain (and tiniest drop of snow), camp got off to a great start. The walk was delayed, but camp booklets and some team building happened instead.

A great bus trip to camp and then it was time to find our cabins, set up our beds, eat lunch and get into our activity groups for Go Carting and Flying Fox/Zip Line. Everyone was super brave and gave everything their best, entering the learning pit and challenging themselves. Ka pai tamariki.

Finally, it was dinner (Nachos, yum!) and then a movie in the games room. It involved a blue bird, can you guess what it was? And then sleeping like babies (That's right Mrs Taylor and Mrs Spragg were up every 2 hours ;) )