Wednesday, 27 July 2016

We love Book Week!

On Tuesday the 26th of July the author, Helen Taylor, came to our class and talked to us about  writing and illustrating. I think it was an amazing opportunity to learn if you ever wanted to write or illustrate kid's books. My favourite part was drawing the pukeko. By Zac Zuppicich, Year 7.

On Tuesday the 26th of July an author came in - her name is Helen Taylor. She showed us the steps to making a picture book. Sometimes it takes up to six months to make a book! Next she showed us the book called 'The Colour Thief'. Than she said we can do some drawing, so we had to choose a part from the book and draw it how you think it would go. I really liked this bit, I also really enjoyed all her artwork for books. I really want her to come in again to read us a book. I am happy some of her books are in our school library. By Paige Robertson, Year 8.

We would like to thank the NZ Book Council for sponsoring Book Week - we love hearing from published authors and illustrators!

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Adventure. The Pursuit of Life.

Who? Rimu Class, some awesome parents & amazing Mrs White
What? Day hike 
When? Monday 4th July
Where? Port Hills, Christchurch
Why? William Pike 3rd Outdoor Challenge...and we LOVE to be outside!
How? Hiking...and more hiking...