Thursday, 26 November 2015

Today we walked 3,728km! (Pretty much.)

This morning's hike up Mt Victoria - Year 8 Jump!
Year 7 Jump!
The first of the Parent-Child Jumps! Go Jesse!
The Twins.
Straight leg - Bent leg.
Logan prefers to just 'fall' off the rock.
Dan the Man - showing Asher how it's done!
What a great jump!
Morgan is really happy at this point.
Listening to our guide at Te Papa tell us about the ANZAC attack on Chunuk Bair - do you know if the ANZACs achieved their goal?
Gallipoli: The Scale of Our War - Weta Workshop did an amazing job creating these giant size people.

Strolling back from The Carter Observatory...we come across the Beehive and these big smiles!
This guy had a few interesting stories for us. He was at the 1956 test match between the All Blacks and the Springboks at Westpac Stadium. Peter Jones, a great All Black No.8/Flanker got the winning try. The sports broadcaster at the time got him up to the commentator's box after the game due to thousands of people in the stadium chanting his name. This broadcaster asked him, "Peter, how do you feel?" He replied, "I"m absolutely buggered." And that was the first swear word ever heard on radio in NZ. Fact of the Day!
Lots of cool posters and canvas pictures around.
The legend himself. (Not you Asher.)
We love Tana! (Though not as much as Richie!)
"Mmmm which blade of grass shall I steal and put on Trade Me?"
"This one!"
"Miss Blair this is my very first Starbucks and I am soooo happy!" cried Paige.
"Miss Blair I have a coffee!" shouted Asher.
Oh yay, you are the last person who needs caffeine thought Miss Blair.)
The moment we've all been waiting for...Laserforce!

10:30pm and the boys all have lavender drops on their pillows to help/make/force them to go to sleep. Help! It's now 11:02pm - Asher is lightly snoring, Gus is sleep talking and Blake is quietly giggling to himself about both these events. Yay - it's our last night in the hostel! 

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We will remember them.

Wellington Day 3!

Rimu's 'pensive' look when remembering those in The Great War.
Sir Peter Jackson owns 95% of the artefacts in this exhibition, and he also created it! Here is a trench on the Western Front.
Propaganda...'it'll be over by Christmas'
Discussing the tomb of the Unknown Soldier and who he represents. A sombre morning.
The Australian Memorial dedicated to all the battles NZ and Australia fought together in. It cost $5 million dollars and even then they couldn't quarry enough red rock (to symbolise Australia) so they got it from India!
The most fun a person can have.
The most fun a person can have. 
Capital E's dressing room...what shall I wear??
This'll do! Take it away Petunia aka Katie!
Asher/Director aka 'The Boss' being taught how to run the Control Room.
Chloe/Wardrobe & Make Up aka 2nd Camera Person taking control...
Dressing up...why not?!
No broken bones...yeah!
The race is on!
Swinging and skating...because we can.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Today's giggles...

1) Tour Guide at St Paul's Cathedral: "We have 14 bells in this Cathedral. There's only 6 Cathedrals in the world that have this many. The bellringers practise on Wednesday nights much to the annoyance of their neighbours watching Coronation Street."

Ten minutes later in a side comment to me...

Gus: "And Coronation Street isn't even on Wednesday night. It's on for 2 hours on a Friday night and 1 hour on a Saturday night." 

2) Tour Guide at Parliament: "Part of an MPs job is to make, amend or remove laws for our country. For example, you guys are Year 7 & 8. Can you leave school?"

Everyone: "No!"

Tour Guide: "Why not?"

Gus, after a moment's thought: "Because you'd need to get organised for it!"

3) Tour Guide at St Paul's: Lifts up the lid to the elaborate looking font (the object where people are baptised/christened from) and says to the class: "Does anyone know what this is? (Referring to the whole thing.)

Gus: "A lid." 

Well played Gus, we all enjoyed your answers today!

The non-windy side.
The bell tower - 14 bells and 110 steps up a spiral staircase!
Laughs for Days.
Walking across the roof in the Cathedral - some dodgy parts we're told, so don't step off the wooden planks!
Year 8s fishing in the Museum of Wellington. Or something.
The Beehive!
YUM! Tea before the theatre 'Robin Hood'.
After the most hilarious pantomime. Can you spot Maid Marion? Our share price spotting quickly disappeared as more exciting things appeared: the star of the show came to greet us!

Monday, 23 November 2015

We love Windy Wellington! Videos to come...the hostel wifi is slower than a herd of snails travelling through peanut butter...

"There's no one on the waterfront, let's run, jump and shout all over the place like we've just been released from our cages," yelled Rimu Class.
"It's cold, we are tired, stop making us do stuff, do we have to look at the stock market?" complained Rimu Class.
"We are the Year 8s and we are AWESOME!" screamed the Year 8s.