Tuesday, 11 October 2016

How will you be an Open-Minded Explorer in Term 4?

Yesterday Rimu class all had to write down a goal for the term because it's the beginning of  Term 4.
Our focus this term is being an open-minded explorer. 

This means knowing we can learn anytime, anywhere, and everyday. This means knowing we are open to other ways and ideas of thinking. This means we want to explore, keep going and try new things! 

    By Grace King (Year 6)


  1. This is a wonderful presentation. Reflection is crucial for multinational corporations, family businesses, a sports teams or a person sorting out their direction for life. It is great to see evidence of your reflections.

    I look forward to your next blog post.

  2. Kia ora Rimu Class,
    LOVE your video - what a great way of being creative in sharing your goals for the term. You certainly are going to be an organised, reflective and positive class during term 4. I especially liked these goals:
    Share my work in an interesting, fun and creative way!
    Try my best and never give up.
    Be ready to try new things.
    Make a challenge everyday and complete it.
    Think outside the box.
    All of these show me you are creative learners, willing to take risks and show persistence. You will be amazing explorers during Term 4 and I look forward to you sharing your learning on your blogs. Have a great term.

  3. Hello Rimu class,
    Looks like your class is ready to learn i hope you all reach your goals and do everything you guys have said you would do.

    Kind regards Blake.

  4. Hi Rimu class,
    I liked it how you all have put what you are going working on this term.

    -Kind regards,

  5. Hello Rimu class my name is Neesha I'm a Year 4 in R8 @ CTK school in Auckland. I like how you are going to not distract other people in Term 4 that will really help with your learning.
    Great goals you have set for yourselves - hope you achieve them.
    Have a great day - Neesha

  6. Rimu class my name is Patronilla from CTK School in Owairaka. I really like your confidence in your video. If you want to check out our learning here is a link your video was fabulous.

  7. Hi Rimu class I like the way how yous all said what you are working on this term.

    Kind regards Ben

  8. Hey Rimu class!
    I really like how you presented all your reasons on what you guys are going to do this term to make your work better. Your video was awesome!! Check out my blog at

  9. Hi Rimu class

    Good work to Grace King for creating the video it looks great. I think this is a great way to put all of your goals into one short video. Some of you had really good goals about what you wanted to do. Maybe next time you could stay on the writing for a little bit longer because it was quite short and hard to read.

    If you would like to come and comment on my blog go to


  10. Hi Rimu Class,
    Well done Grace King for creating this video. I think this is a good way to share your goals. Awesome Video!

  11. Hi Rimu class
    I like all your goals for this term. They are amazing. Did you like doing this activity? I really liked your video, it looks fantastic. Was it hard to make the video?

    kind regards Trinatee from Park Estate School

  12. Hi Rimu class

    My name is Daytona and I am a year 6 girl from Park Estate School.
    I really like how you are talking about the term that has started and I think they will be your goals.
    This is the most wonderful presentation.
    Practice makes perfect.
    This is unbelievable
    What made you do this?
    How long have you been practicing this for?

    Kind regards - Daytona


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