Sunday, 9 October 2016

Put this on your 'List of Things to Do' Rimu Class: Hike up Mt Roy for sunrise - it's amazing!! See you tomorrow for the start of Term 4!


  1. Well done miss Blair.
    That looked like a long walk!
    It looked pretty exhilarating to me, you being up at that hight.
    Did you know that I flew over that mountain in a plane?

    Cayde Wilson
    Yaldhurst Model School

    1. That sounds like a great trip Cayde! It wasn't too long actually - just steep!
      Hope the fishing weekend is going well. Are you looking forward to a bit of hiking at Arthur's Pass?

      Miss Blair :)

  2. What a beautiful sunrise!

    Looks like you had a great time.
    Would you hike up Mt Roy again? What was your favourite part?

    Yaldhurst Model School

    1. It was beautiful Laura! You would love it and I'm sure you would get amazing photos too. Yes I would definitely hike up at sunrise again - it's great only seeing by your headtorch when you hike up and then you can see everything coming down! My favourite part would be the 45 minutes we spent at the top - relishing the colour changes as the sun rose and peeked through the clouds. Incredible. Are you looking forward to a bit of hiking in Arthur's Pass?

      Miss Blair :)

  3. WOW Ruth - great photos and looks like an amazing walk! I will definitely put that on my list of walks to do in the South Island! How long does it take? Hope all is going well in Term 4 at Yaldhurst.

    1. It is amazing Tania - you should definitely do it and aim to be at the top for sunrise; I wouldn't do it any other way now! It's quite short - about 5 hours return - we spent about 45 minutes at the top though enjoying the change in colours. Term 4 is going fast - we are looking forward to camp in Arthur's Pass in 4 weeks! Hope all good up there!

      Ruth :)
      P.S. I'm cycling around NZ next year - can I camp on your lawn for a night? ;)

  4. Hi miss blair,

    It looks like you had lots of fun.
    Why did you hike on Mt Roy.
    Have you hiked on Mt cook.
    I don’t like hiking, well anyway hope you enjoyed it.
    Keep blogging.
    Yaldhurst Model School.

  5. Hi Blair
    That looks like a really good view from that mountain but you could put a bit more information about Mt Roy.

    kind reagards


  6. Hey Miss Blair
    It looks so cool that your on a mountain named Mount Roy. What was it like up their and was it cold? Did you walk that far. I hope you had a good time it looked like you had fun!

    Kind Regards

  7. Hello Miss Blair
    It is a good view from the mountain I like the photo of you jumping up it look like you had a good holiday but can you put more information about MT Roy

    Kind regards
    Andrew form Awahono School

  8. Hi Miss Blair
    It look like you had fun to Mt Roy. I like the photo of you looking down at the view below. It look like you had fun on your trip to Mt Roy.
    kind regards


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