Monday, 10 April 2017

WPCA - ABL/Low Ropes/High Ropes Course

The sun was shining and there was excitement in the air as the Year 7 & 8's arrived at school, (except for Zac & Grace, who'd forgotten all about it), we were heading to The Groynes for a day of challenging ourselves in a range of activities with the Horizons Adventure Team. And we couldn't wait!

There was so much to take in when we got there - grass, roads, missing cars (opps - some got a little lost) and some very high poles with lots of ropes. 

We meet the team and then got into the day. To keep it brief it was games, games, challenges, games, food & drink, challenges, low ropes, games, high ropes, reflection and then back to school.

And our young people were just fantastic. No one cried, everyone gave everything their best and all showed their Hero Values at each moment of the day. We saw team work, determination, problem solving, encouragement and fun. It really was the perfect day. Here are a few photos. More will be found on individual blogs in the next few days.