Saturday, 10 June 2017

40 Hour Famine Sleepover

On Friday the 9th of June, 7pm, the Rimu classroom was invaded with 4 girls. These girls had a mission, the mission was to have as much fun as possible whilst raising money for World Vision. 

The annual 40 Hour Famine had kicked off. 

Hut building, spotlight, popcorn, truth or dare, dress ups, movie watching and waiting for the school alarm to go off and attempting to get some sleep are just a few of that activities that the night involved.

Each student had to choose a challenge to participate in. Surprisingly Prudence was incredible quiet but it seemed that her challenge was no speaking, which she completed. Lucy, Hannah and Bella were doing the 'Bag Challenge'. This is when you live out of a bag. All succeeded in doing this, though I'm not convinced refugees have that many bags of popcorn with them. 

The reason these wonderful students were completing these challenges is to raise money for Syrian refugees. This is the second year World Vision is using the 40 Hour Famine to raise money for this cause and that is because the crisis isn't over. 

We do have a few students who are completing this challenge at home over the weekend. We are hoping to raise $1500 but anything that we raise does count, so even if we don't hit the target that's ok. 


  1. What a superb and effort for a worthy cause. It fills my heart with sadness that we still have people starving in the world. It fills my heart with joy to know that there are people who want to help make the world a better place. Well done!

  2. Hi Rimu class,

    This year Drummond Primary School did the 40 hour famine but we did our challenges at home. What did all you guys do as your Challenge?

    From Khali
    Drummond Primary School

  3. Hi Rimu Class,

    I have so many fond (and tired!) memories of sleeping over at YMS for the 40 Hour Famine. It is so wonderful you did the challenge - I hope you reach your target! Are there things different to the refugee crisis compared to last year or is continuing much the same?

    Keep it up!
    Miss Blair :)

  4. hello Rimu class that is so COOL. That would be so fun i beat you had a good Time. was it fun?.

    1. Hi Brooklan,
      I know I wasn't there but I heard that it was a good night
      and that the girls all watched a movie. So I guess it was fun
      because I heard some good thing about it.

  5. Kia Ora Rimu Class.
    What a good effort doing the 40 hour Famine challenge. Do you get to have Electronics when you were there or did you just have to talk to each other. It would be the best thing to do it at our school.

    I wouldn't be able to last a minute or an hour without food and I would starve for food in 40 hours. Did you do the Electronics one or food one? I would do the food one because I love food and I'm not always on my phone or chrome book.

    Would you like to do the food one or the Electronics one? I would love to try the Electronics one but I Would do the Food one as well.

    Go Check my blog out

  6. Kia Orana Rimu Class, it is Will here from Grey Main, in Greymouth. This post was really awesome, I have never done the 40 hour Famine before, but next year I think I should do it.

    I liked how you made your hut out of tables and cardboard boxes. Next time you could put the names of who did it. Although the post was very detailed in pictures. You could make sure you that you use a few more words. Keep up the great work Rimu Class.
    Signing off.

  7. Kia Ora Rimu Class, My Name is Ruby from Mamaku 1 at Greymain school.
    What a lovely fundraiser hopefully that the money will help World vision.
    It would have been fun to do the Bag challenge and live out of a bag also it is nice that you have also been doing the challenges and games to raise money for the Syrian Refugee's.
    Next time you could record a video to show or add more text to tell us
    how you felt when you did it and was it fun?
    From Ruby

  8. Kia Ora Rimu Class it is Riley here from Grey Main School.

    It look like you had a fun time on your 40 Hour Famine Sleepover. This reminds me of school camp when I was playing on the bunks.

    How much did you end up raising? Where did you have this sleepover?

  9. Top In The Morning To Ya,

    Hallo Rimu class i’m Josh and it looks like you had a fantastic 40 hour famine sleepover like the fort you made, dress that look fabulous and the stories you were told.
    Hope you enjoyed your 40 hour famine sleepover and i’ll see you next time goodbye.

    Room 4
    Drummond school

  10. Hi Rimu Class,

    This year Drummond School did the 40 hour famine and we stayed at our own houses to do it. What was your favourite part about the 40 hour famine? What did you have to do for it? I did no eating for 40 hours. Near the end it got really hard because I woke up very hungry and I couldn't eat anything.

    Year 8
    Drummond Primary School

  11. hi my name is alyssa and i from kawakawa primary school and i like the weekend that u done it look like fun my class done it. it was fun. see u later

  12. Talofa Lava Prudence, Lucy, Hannah and Bella,
    It is interesting to see how many options there are for the 40 hour famine. When I was at school we just had the choice of not eating for 40 hours. I am impressed that you went 40 hours without speaking Prudence! That must have been really hard. No matter what you do - living out of a bag, no technology, no food or no speaking - it is all raising money for a very good cause, to support people who are nowhere near as lucky as us. How much money did your class end up raising? What do you think is the hardest 40 hour challenge?

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  14. Hello my name is John-David and I'm from Owairaka Primary School I'm in Room 21 and i really think it's great that children raise money for charity. It is good because you can give the money to the people that need it.

  15. Hi Rimu Class,

    I really like how you guys have been raising money to support a good charity. If you were to do this again what activity would you do like no electronics for 40 hours?


  16. Hi my names Tahlya i go to kawakawa primary school and im in room 2 i really like your sleep over it must have been fun it made me think of when i stayed at my school for a sleep over have you thought about making it in a video if you would like to see my learning heres my blog address

  17. Hi rimu class this is kawakaw primey school i think your blog is alsome keep it up


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