Friday, 19 August 2016

Unpacking our Blog Post Checklist Together

This week in Cybersmart we were learning how to unpack our blog checklist by using 'I think that means...' which is something we do in Reading. It was really helpful and now we actually understand how to make our blog posts better! It was challenging to break it down enough to make it easy to understand. We look forward to posting amazing blog posts!

                                                           By the Year 6s (Ian, Hannah, Violet & Grace)

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Year 7/8s skype with William Pike!

This morning we had a great skype with William Pike! This year the Year 7/8s are taking part in the William Pike Challenge
To complete this challenge we have to:
  • Complete 20 hours of community service
  • Take up a new sport or hobby
  • Take part in 6-8 outdoor challenges
We mainly spoke about community service. It was quite useful.

"It's given the class more ideas about what to do for our community service, for example fundraising for a charity. This week Prudence and Hannah made cupcakes and sold them at school. They raised $138.90 for the SPCA," exclaimed Gus, (Year 8).

"This morning's skype has motivated me to email the teachers and see who would like Jorja and I to come in for 20 minutes a week and do an NZSL (New Zealand Sign Language) club," said Katie, (Year 8).

"I enjoyed talking to him as we haven't seen him in a while. It gave me an idea for my community service: I am thinking of playing my guitar at the Riccarton markets and fundraising for a charity, maybe a kids cancer charity?" spoke Jesse, (Year 8).

"I need to pick up rubbish on the side of my road because my Mum says it's disgusting. It's because all the truckies drop their rubbish out the window. Also, I want to clean up the beach at Purau which is where my family has a crib," said Bella P, (Year 7). 

Friday, 12 August 2016

Check out Rimu's Crazy Hair!

As a reward for all the Houses getting 1000 HERO cards the staff decided to have a CRAZY HAIR DAY! HERO cards are our school's reward system. 

HERO stands for Healthy Individuals, Enthusiastic Learners, Responsible Citizens and Open-minded Explorers.

We work hard everyday to be HEROES. 

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Thanks Jesse & Violet for bringing the Olympics to Rimu!

We started at home when Polly and Rylee came over for a sleepover - to watch The Olympics! We made a chart, then thought what a great idea for our class to do!

So we borrowed card from school, went home and Mum helped us draw lines, measure and write the countries. We didn't do the top 4 countries (as that's boring because they get too many medals), then we wrote 10 countries on 32 bits of card. 

I put them in a hat and everyone chose a country! This put them into groups of 2 or 3. We got to include Jacqui, Mrs Royfee and Miss Blair.

Each group then wrote their names on the card and drew their country's flag. If you wanted to find facts, you could too!

We put them up on our chart - here it is!! The idea is we add the medal count each morning - we write our tallies up. Who will win? 

Te Pihinga class loved our idea so much they wanted us to make them one too! So we did!

By Jesse (Year 8) and Violet Clapham (Year 6)

Thursday, 4 August 2016

What type of person do you want to be?

A nasty person who puts people down? Or a happy person who lifts people up?

Constable Richard came in again to do some activities with us and remind us what bullying is, why it shouldn't be happening and the laws around bullying. We were reminded that:

  • Bullying is hurtful and done on purpose.
  • Bullying is not accidental. No one deserves to be bullied.
  • We need to all stand up to stop it, otherwise it will keep happening.
As we get older it is very important  we think carefully about what we say and do. We are responsible for our own actions and words. When you are older, you will be held accountable. 

We found it really interesting learning about the laws around bullying and how you shouldn't judge people by how they look. Constable Richard put up a photo and we had to guess lots of things about him. Lots of stuff we got wrong because we stereotyped this person. We learnt that it is wrong to do this. "Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover," said Constable Richard.

Constable Richard said a statement about bullying and we had to stand and either go to one side of the room where it said 'Agree' or the other side where it said 'Disagree'. If we kind of agreed then we stood in the middle. We had to justify why we were standing where we were.

Did you know there are laws against bullying?
1) Physical - this is called assault.
2) Stealing - this is called theft.
3) Damage - this is called wilful damage.
4) Cyberbullying - this is called harmful digital communications.
5) Threats - if you threaten someone it is a crime.
6) Robbery - if you steal or take something using a threat.

We have read the 'Wonder' book this year and are now on the 2nd book, called 'Auggie and friends'. This book had a big bullying theme in it and we all related to it. We now have a quote in our class that we say all the time. If you have read 'Wonder' you will understand. 
It is this:
         Contributions by the Year 6s: Violet, Hunter, Ariana, Evie, Bree, Ian, Hannah & Grace.

The More That You Read, The More Things That You Will Know. The More That You'll Learn, The More Places You'll Go. ~ Dr Seuss