Friday, 12 August 2016

Check out Rimu's Crazy Hair!

As a reward for all the Houses getting 1000 HERO cards the staff decided to have a CRAZY HAIR DAY! HERO cards are our school's reward system. 

HERO stands for Healthy Individuals, Enthusiastic Learners, Responsible Citizens and Open-minded Explorers.

We work hard everyday to be HEROES. 


  1. Hi Rimu class,
    I really like the different styles and the wacky hair dos. And do you have like houses colours or something else.
    Kind regards Blake

  2. Hi Rimu Class

    It sounds like a great idea to have the Hero cards so what I am wondering is do you have to get a certain amount of of Hero cards to get an award.

    From Chris Awahono School

  3. Hi Rimu Class
    Your hair styles very cool. My favorite is the first one were the milks being poured into the cup. Do you do the hero cards in groups if so do the groups have names?
    Kind regards

  4. Hi Rimu Class
    I really like all of your different hair styles they are amazing.Maybe next time when you do a wacky hair day you could all say how you thought of your hair style. Great work keep it.

    - Nicole Awahono school

  5. Hey Rimu Class!
    I think that you have explained what hero cards are really well. You all have wacky hair styles. They look awesome! What do you have to do to get hero cards? What do hero cards look like? I thought maybe you could have added a photo on.
    Great jobs!

    -Kind Regards,

  6. Hello rimu class

    It looks like you had a fun day and got creative with your crazy hair day. If you get a certain amount of hero cards do you get a reward of your own. I like how have put in some photos of you hair do. And it looks like you guys are all hard works and are motivated learners.

    Check out my blog at

    Awahono School

  7. Hi Rimu Class,
    I really like all of the different hair styles that you have done. I like the 4th one were there is the cupcake cases on your head.

    - Myah

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  9. Hi Rimu class

    It looks so much fun. Maybe Show some pictures of what you are doing.

    Kind regards Jacob

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  11. Hi Rimu class
    Love what you have done with your hair Base,Jack,Kade

  12. Great hair you look very crazy and their are different ideas

  13. I really like the creativity it reminds me of Halloween when someone did their hair in a crazy style. I wonder what inspired such creativity!

    Sincerely Jacob D room 9 Templeton School.

  14. Hi my name is Bailee. How did you make your hair? I liked Grace's hair the best. From Bailee, TP Iwi 1


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