Wednesday, 11 April 2018

It's Pie-Jama Day!

Thanks to our fantastic PTA for organising today. For a gold coin donation, children were able to come to school today in their pyjamas and they could purchase a delicious pie to eat at lunch time. All the children agreed that it was a great idea, so have given Pie-Jama day a big thumbs up.

Friday, 6 April 2018

Who or what was in Rimu today?

Can you guess who our visitor was from these clues?

I am a mammal who has a pointed snout. There are 30 known species of me.
I have a long hairless tail that can grow as long as my body.
I use my whiskers to  sense changes in temperature and to help feel the surface I am
walking along. As I have so many predators, I usually only live for about six months
in the wild, however in a lab or as a pet, I can live for up to two years. Some people call
me pests or rodents but I am small and wouldn't hurt a human. Who am I?

Have a go at writing your own clues for a different animal so that we can try to guess what you are describing.

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

You've Got the Power 2018 Anti-Bullying Competition

Hey Rimu,

This is the competition the Elgregoe mentioned. All you have to do is design an Anti-Bullying Poster or Poem that you think could help make a difference in schools.
Prizes Include: A Mega Magic Box (value $100)
                         A Trustpower Prize Pack
                         $1000 cash for your school

Have fun creating your poems, posters or both and then give them to Mrs Spragg or Mrs Taylor to send them away. You all have some fabulous ideas for this and we can't wait to see the finished items.



Elgregoe the Magician visited our school today to not only share his fantastic magic tricks with us but to reinforce the lesson of helping hands. At Yaldhurst we show these five really important words through our actions, thoughts and words. We are Respectful, Helpful, Trustworthy, Responsible and Caring. Through these 5 things we ensure that we look after each other and that everyone feels safe and happy while they are at school.

Some of our children were able to help him with his magic tricks. Thank you so much for sharing your words of wisdom with us. We will remember to use our WIT! (W = Walk Away, I = Ignore, T = Tell an Adult, S = Stop)