Friday, 6 April 2018

Who or what was in Rimu today?

Can you guess who our visitor was from these clues?

I am a mammal who has a pointed snout. There are 30 known species of me.
I have a long hairless tail that can grow as long as my body.
I use my whiskers to  sense changes in temperature and to help feel the surface I am
walking along. As I have so many predators, I usually only live for about six months
in the wild, however in a lab or as a pet, I can live for up to two years. Some people call
me pests or rodents but I am small and wouldn't hurt a human. Who am I?

Have a go at writing your own clues for a different animal so that we can try to guess what you are describing.


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Obviously a mouse and I know that because I'm in that class and anyways Rihanna why did you remove your comment.

  3. Hi it is Katie from Waikowhai primary school, i think that t would have been a mouse!

  4. Hi it's Abby from Papakura Central School and I think that it was a rat

  5. Hi I am Emily from PCS I think its a rat is well


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