Tuesday, 24 July 2018

A delayed holiday post

In the middle weekend of the holidays, I headed to the Brick Show with my daughter, her friend, my niece and sister. It was H U G E! We saw many amazing designs. 

More importantly, we saw Teegan and his mum. They had a table of lego they had put together. Check out his designs.

What a wonderful display Teegan. You and your mum should be very proud of yourselves. 

Monday, 23 July 2018

NZ are Back to Back Champions!!!!

A number of our children were excited about how our Womens Rugby 7 Team had won the world cup which meant they were the first country to be back-to-back champions. These children were disappointed that school had started back today otherwise they would be watching the Men try and do the same.

Mrs Taylor and Mrs Spragg decided to take time out of our busy day to watch the Grand Final between New Zealand and England. We first off watched the 3rd place play off between Fiji and South Africa. Jedi and Sam were hoping their home team of Fiji would win but Eben was hoping that his home team, South Africa, would win. South Africa took out 3rd place.

Onto the Grand Final. Chloe was really hoping that England would be crowned champions but the majority of us were cheering on New Zealand. New Zealand started off strongly with a try and a conversion in the first two minutes. England came back at us though but thankfully New Zealand were the victors. New Zealand were back to back champions in the mens game too. What a fantastic achievement by both our Mens and Womens Teams. Woohoo!!!!!