Thursday, 4 August 2016

What type of person do you want to be?

A nasty person who puts people down? Or a happy person who lifts people up?

Constable Richard came in again to do some activities with us and remind us what bullying is, why it shouldn't be happening and the laws around bullying. We were reminded that:

  • Bullying is hurtful and done on purpose.
  • Bullying is not accidental. No one deserves to be bullied.
  • We need to all stand up to stop it, otherwise it will keep happening.
As we get older it is very important  we think carefully about what we say and do. We are responsible for our own actions and words. When you are older, you will be held accountable. 

We found it really interesting learning about the laws around bullying and how you shouldn't judge people by how they look. Constable Richard put up a photo and we had to guess lots of things about him. Lots of stuff we got wrong because we stereotyped this person. We learnt that it is wrong to do this. "Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover," said Constable Richard.

Constable Richard said a statement about bullying and we had to stand and either go to one side of the room where it said 'Agree' or the other side where it said 'Disagree'. If we kind of agreed then we stood in the middle. We had to justify why we were standing where we were.

Did you know there are laws against bullying?
1) Physical - this is called assault.
2) Stealing - this is called theft.
3) Damage - this is called wilful damage.
4) Cyberbullying - this is called harmful digital communications.
5) Threats - if you threaten someone it is a crime.
6) Robbery - if you steal or take something using a threat.

We have read the 'Wonder' book this year and are now on the 2nd book, called 'Auggie and friends'. This book had a big bullying theme in it and we all related to it. We now have a quote in our class that we say all the time. If you have read 'Wonder' you will understand. 
It is this:
         Contributions by the Year 6s: Violet, Hunter, Ariana, Evie, Bree, Ian, Hannah & Grace.


  1. I think thats a good lesson.No one should judge any one by its cover.

  2. Even aged 54 I can get hurt by people being mean to me. I respond to kindness and thoughtfulness. When I am in the midst of a disagreement with someone or someone is angry with me then I ask them to work it out with me in a calm and respectful manner. How else can anything positive ever be achieved?

    Well done on your stand against bullying. No one likes a bully and you always find that bullies don't even like themselves.

  3. Hi Rimu class!!
    I really like your description about what you guys went over with Constibal Richard, you have done a really good job in showing and telling us what you guys did! Keep up the good work Rimu class!!!

  4. Hi Rimu Class!!
    I really like how you have put alot of description of what you did with Constable Richard. Well Done Rimu Class!!

    - Myah

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  6. Kia Ora Rimu class my name is Rhumour and I'm am a student at Park Estate school in room 10. I really like how you say don't judge a book by it's cover and stand up to the people that bully you.

  7. hi Rimu class my name is Azaria and I am a student in room 10 at Park Estate school.I agree with you, you can't judge a book by its cover.
    I learnt that you shouldn't bully by Constable Doris.

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  8. Hi there, My name is Riley and I come from Park Estate school. I really like how you put bullet points for your rules. And I think that your work is very interesting and I will really stick to those rules in my school.

    kind regards

    1. Hi there Azaria,
      Thanks for the comment
      yeah it is really important to not judge a book by it’s cover.

      Your’s sincerely
      Yaldhurst Model School

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  10. hi my name is Luke I really like how you told us what you did and how you explained it and I also agree that you shouldn't judge the cover of a book. Last year we did the same bully work shop with constable Dorris. Keep up with the good work.


  11. Hi my name is Jodice. I am a student at Park Estate Schoo. I like how you said don't judge a book by its cover. Have you thought of putting commas in when you say said and then close it at the end of your sentence if you like to see my learning it is at .

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  13. Hi my name is Manawaroa from Park Estate school. Do not be a bully. I agree. Good work!

    1. Hi Manawaroa!
      Thank you for your comment! Our class really appreciates it! We are trying to prevent bullying and become ‘Bully-free Y.M.S. We want people to make a positive change in the world.

      Bella N,

  14. Hello Rimu class nice blog.I can give you a some ideas for your blog. So why don't you spread the information ? I like the information that you are showing on your blog maybe I can learn some work from you.

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  16. Hi very helpful and I like how you used the phrase Don't judge a book by its cover.

  17. Wow you are right, bulling is not nice to kids. Good job Rimu class
    from: Iutasi.

  18. Hi Rimu My name is Kelly I am form Park Estate school. I like how you put bullet point on it and I love your bold colours , because it makes your blog interesting.

    by Kelly

  19. Hi Rimu Class my name is Matrix. I go to Park Estate School and I really liked the description about what you guys talked about with Constable Richard and about not bullying others.

  20. hi rimu class i know that bulling is hurtful and mean people should stop bulling . from shushant

  21. hi Rimu class! my name is Carlos I think you are right, bullies only bully because they don't have any friends i like that you post. Lots of descriptions. :)

    1. Hey Carlos!
      Cool name (I know it is not relevant but I like your name)
      Thanks! It is true, they only want to make them self feel better.

      Yaldhurst Model School

  22. Hi Rimu class!
    I am Lile I'm a student from Park Estate school and I am impressed with your learning and you are right we are not allowed to bully anywhere even at home. That was some great learning okay now bye!!!!!!.

  23. Hi Rimu class I like how you guys wrote about to not be a bully and
    not to judge a book by it's cover and to not swear or hit other people.

    kind regards:Ruben

    1. Hello

      Thanks for Commenting on our amazing class blog,
      We hope you have a amazing day today.
      Please if you have any Questions to ask feel free.

      Many thanks, Joe
      Rimu Class

  24. Hi my name is Maira and I am from Christ the king school.
    I love what you and your class is doing. It is amazing.

  25. Hi my name is Caitlyn and I am from Christ the King School
    This is an amazing piece of work well done

  26. Hi Rimu class

    This work you are doing is amazing.
    Great work well done.
    - Nicole

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  28. Hi my name is Rosa, I come from owairaka school. I really like august and jack, I think they are the best characters, in the whole story.

  29. Hi my name is Christian and I go to Owairaka Primary School and I am a year 6 student. I like how. You said Keep calm and don't be a Julian I think it’s a good Lesson. No one should judge anyone by it’s cover Also in like how you’s put in a photo of you guys getting teacher by the cop that just like getting train by the cop that come to our school we are also Reading Wonder

    Blog ya later

    Here vist my Blog


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