Wednesday, 3 July 2019

We went to town ... and it was ...


What a day! Mrs Taylor and Mrs Spragg are both tired out but happy with Rimu's trip to town. Everyone was excited and showing that they were YMS Heroes all day today. The whole class listened, watched, learnt, asked questions, walked, looked, walked, played, imagined, designed, worked, built and shared. In the words of Emmet ... It. Was. Awesome.

Here are some quick highlight photos. Keep an eye out on the individual blogs to read more about it.

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

1st Place goes to ...

Meet Freda ...

... and Fred.
Fred and Freda were having a race on a 100 square. Freda started at 30 and could jump two numbers every time. Fred started at one and could jump three numbers every time. Who got to 100 first?
Our Rimu mathematicians were on the case.  The majority decided to use a 100 square to help them track the jumps Freda and Fred made. This is how Bella solved this. Can you solve it in a different way?
Once you've solved it, leave us a comment to tell us who got to 100 first and how you solved it.

Is it or ?

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Mia is the teacher

As part of our writing unit on Non-Chronological Reports we have been working hard on publishing our work. Mia was the first member of the class to get her's published and it was very impressive. In fact, most of us thought it was very professional.

Mia had used a programme that most of us hadn't seen before. It is called Visme.

A few of the class wanted to learn how to use it and so Mrs Taylor suggested Mia heads to the small group area. Next minute there was most of the class in the small group area and Mia was taking a workshop on the programme.

It was wonderful to see one of our students teaching the class. That is a pretty great moment for a teacher, to see a student teaching the class, on the spur of the moment, teaching others something they have learnt. 

Do you teach each other in your class?

Monday, 24 June 2019

Drum roll please ...

Our Brilliant Blogger this week is ...

Click on the link to check out Zack’s awesome blog and his fantastic blog about being a Detective.

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Wig Wednesday

Wig Wednesday is an annual event that helps raise awareness and support for the Child Cancer Foundation so it helps raise funds to support Kiwi kids with cancer. Wig Wednesday encourages schools, businesses, community groups, and individuals to wear a wig for one day to fundraise for this amazing cause. In 2018 over 400 hundred New Zealand schools, businesses, and community groups helped raise over $100,000 for Kiwi kids with cancer and their families. 

This year we got involved too. It was really exciting watching each other arrive at school with all their fabulous wigs. There were short ones, long ones, curly ones, straight ones, sparkly ones and dreads. Soooo many different colours. It was a sensational sight.

As a school we raised  $136.20. Way to go YMS!

Rimu Detectives are on the Case!

Having heard about our amazing detective skills, we were asked to help out. This was our case:

There were 6 pieces of evidence so we got ourselves into 6 groups and worked collaboratively to reconstruct the shredded evidence. It was like a puzzle working out what went where.

Next we got a chance to examine all the evidence. At first it was quite difficult to understand how some of the evidence fitted into the story and how it incriminated a suspect. However,  through discussions and more careful observations we were ready to crack the case.

With our knowledge of how one of the suspects commited the crime, we have started preparing our cases. Next week we will continue with this. It will be another successful case solved by the awesome Rimu Detectives!