Tuesday, 13 November 2018

What an athletic bunch we have in Rimu

Monday was an important day in Rimu. Not because it was Mrs Spragg's first day back in Rimu after her 3 months off galavanting around the world, but because it was Zones Athletics. 

Our amazing sports heroes were supposed to go on Friday, however, the weather was pretty terrible. Thankfully Monday was a stunner and our 19 students jumped on the bus with Mr Robertson, Ms Lange and Judy. 

They had a great day, with many performing really well. We don't have the official results yet but we are proud of the way they represented their school, of the way they handled themselves during a hot day of competition and the way they showed great sportsmanship. 

Mahi whakamataku tamariki!

(Mrs Taylor and Mrs Spragg would also like to note that they had a lovely day working with the other 19 students. They were fab and worked so hard on other things.)

Here are a few photos Mr Robertson took at the running races.

Friday, 9 November 2018

Thank you Mrs Stratton

Some of you may remember that one of our regular Rimu teachers has been away with her family in Europe for the past 3 months. We were very lucky to have Mrs Stratton step into Mrs Spragg's shoes while she has been away.

Today we say good bye and thank you for everything you have done over the past 3 months to help ensure that Rimu ran smoothly. It really has been fantastic to have you in our class and for you to support us with our learning.  Thank you for being an amazing Rimu HERO! Come back and see us soon.

Waste Not Want Not!

Over the past months, the children of Rimu have been looking at what is happening to our world with the increasing levels of pollution and why it is so important to us to make changes regarding this. They chose which aspect of this they would like to look at and then conducted their own inquiries.
They are now in the final stages of their work so it is all go in our classroom at the moment and they are doing a great job. What a fantastic topic! Now that the children have learnt the skills of how to conduct an inquiry, they can't wait to do the next one.


Friday, 2 November 2018

We are sailing .....

We were extremely lucky to get to go sailing as a class today at Lake Rua. We were a little worried about what the weather would be like today, because it honestly hasn't been that great at all this week in Christchurch. Lucky for us though, it was a lovely fine day with a good wind for us to sail in.

First we learnt how to rig up the boats.


After that we learnt all the different steps in order for us to safely sail.

Soon though we were out on the lake. Sailing is awesome. For our first go,  many of us forgot the steps but we got back in the boats for a second turn and we really started to get the hang of it. We had a couple of children capsize, but as we were all wearing life vests, we were all nice and safe.

It really was a brilliant day, where we learnt heaps, had fun and showed some awesome teamwork.Way to go Rimu! 

A special thanks has to go to the amazing parents and grandparent that came with us today because you were absolutely fantastic. Thank you all so much for coming with us, we really appreciate it!

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Christchurch Schools Music Festival

This year Mika, Julia, Gracie, Chloe and Jedi took part in the Christchurch Schools Music Festival Combined Choir. The theme for this years festival was 'Fun and Games' and the music reflected this. They practised at school and at home in order to learn all the songs off by heart.

On the night of the event they were very excited to be amongst all the other children and enjoyed the atmosphere. One of their favourite songs they sang was 'Those Magnificent Men and their Flying Machines.

Mia was also part of the Festival. She auditioned and was chosen to be apart of the Concert Band who accompanied the massed choir in some of their songs and performed every night of the festival.
Ka pai everyone, you were all fantastic and the evening was a huge success that was enjoyed by us all.

Friday, 26 October 2018

Our Brilliant Blogger ...

Our Brilliant Blogger this week is ...

Click on the link to check out Abby’s awesome blog and her amazing reading work.

Let's give Abby a huge round of applause for her awesome blog!

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Our Great Kapahaka Group

Yesterday our Kapahaka group performed in the Uru Manuka Cultural Festival. For most of the group, this was their first time performing before a large audience. They were fantastic! We were proud of all our children that took part. It was great that they also got to see other Kapahaka groups perform. They were excited to wear the new uniforms that the PTA had bought. Thanks PTA!

These are the children from Rimu ready to perform.

Performance Time!

This is a small part of what we did. Sorry about the sound quality in the recording :(