Thursday, 30 March 2017

Collaboration in Rimu

This is what collaboration looks like in Rimu. This is two girls, different year groups, working together on their reading activities. 

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Jamie Duff visits Yaldhurst

We had the pleasure of having Jamie Duff visit with his team and his very cool car. A few of our students recognised his name and had seen him racing at Ruapuna. Some people were really excited. Some of us had to practise our 'interested' faces (it's ok, cars aren't everyone's cup of tea).

Jamie's dad spoke to us about the history of the families involvement in racing, he gave us some facts about the car and engine ($75,000, would you believe?!). We got to hold a titanium bolt, so light! Lots of students were able to ask questions and these ranged from how long have you been driving to how fast does the car go? (160km into the left hand turn).

Finally we were able to go and get a close up look at the car and to get Jamie to sign our stickers. It was pretty cool. Some of us even snuck out to look at the ginormous truck the car had come in ... it was HUGE!