Thursday, 30 March 2017

Collaboration in Rimu

This is what collaboration looks like in Rimu. This is two girls, different year groups, working together on their reading activities. 


  1. Hi my name is Pavitra and I am a student in room 19 at Owairaka school. I really like that two girls who are different ages can still work together. It made me think of learning together which was one of our focuses last year. Have you thought about if any of the other people in the class are working well together? Blog you later!

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  2. Kia ora Rimu class,
    It is great to see you collaborating together on your reading tasks. I have been talking to a teacher recently who is noticing that the children in her class are only collaborating with their friends. What do you think makes you collaborate with other people who aren't necessarily your best friends? I would love to hear your ideas?

  3. Hello Rimu class My Name Is Nici from South Hornby School
    I really like how you have shown us a lot of pitchers of girls collaborating with girls from other grades it is really cool. Maybe next time you could what type of reading work they are doing. Have you thought about take a photo of what they are doing.
    Blog you Later Nici

  4. Hi Rimu class my name is Paige from south hornby school.
    It is really cool how you are showing us how you work in Rimu class. Maybe next time you could tell us more about how you work in your class.I like how you have shown us girls working together when they are in different grades. But maybe you could work with other people not your best friends.

  5. Hello Rimu class My Name Is Emily from South Hornby School.
    I think that your students have an amazing way of working because at our school we work in groups. Not the avrage 1-2 people in one group, I mean like 5-6 people in a group. It is realy fun and easy to work like this. I don't have anything eals to say exsept amazing photos. Bye.

  6. hello rimu class my name is jackson and cool work i mean AMASSING work and your crome books look amassing and is that google slids anyway good work

  7. Hi rimu class my name is Lucy from south hornby school I love the fact that You have two photos.Next time add more blurb because all I know about it is that you were collaborating and nothing ales

  8. Top In The Morning To Ya,
    Hi it looks like those two girls are best friends, in different year groups helping each other with their hard work which is the best thing to do as a group.
    How long did it take to do your reading for the day?

    Room 4
    Drummond school


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