Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Today's giggles...

1) Tour Guide at St Paul's Cathedral: "We have 14 bells in this Cathedral. There's only 6 Cathedrals in the world that have this many. The bellringers practise on Wednesday nights much to the annoyance of their neighbours watching Coronation Street."

Ten minutes later in a side comment to me...

Gus: "And Coronation Street isn't even on Wednesday night. It's on for 2 hours on a Friday night and 1 hour on a Saturday night." 

2) Tour Guide at Parliament: "Part of an MPs job is to make, amend or remove laws for our country. For example, you guys are Year 7 & 8. Can you leave school?"

Everyone: "No!"

Tour Guide: "Why not?"

Gus, after a moment's thought: "Because you'd need to get organised for it!"

3) Tour Guide at St Paul's: Lifts up the lid to the elaborate looking font (the object where people are baptised/christened from) and says to the class: "Does anyone know what this is? (Referring to the whole thing.)

Gus: "A lid." 

Well played Gus, we all enjoyed your answers today!

The non-windy side.
The bell tower - 14 bells and 110 steps up a spiral staircase!
Laughs for Days.
Walking across the roof in the Cathedral - some dodgy parts we're told, so don't step off the wooden planks!
Year 8s fishing in the Museum of Wellington. Or something.
The Beehive!
YUM! Tea before the theatre 'Robin Hood'.
After the most hilarious pantomime. Can you spot Maid Marion? Our share price spotting quickly disappeared as more exciting things appeared: the star of the show came to greet us!

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  1. Gus you were on fire today by the sounds of it lol.. Love seeing the photos and reading about the trip and how it's going so far.. Thank you so much! :D


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