Thursday, 26 November 2015

Wellington Day 3!

Rimu's 'pensive' look when remembering those in The Great War.
Sir Peter Jackson owns 95% of the artefacts in this exhibition, and he also created it! Here is a trench on the Western Front.
Propaganda...'it'll be over by Christmas'
Discussing the tomb of the Unknown Soldier and who he represents. A sombre morning.
The Australian Memorial dedicated to all the battles NZ and Australia fought together in. It cost $5 million dollars and even then they couldn't quarry enough red rock (to symbolise Australia) so they got it from India!
The most fun a person can have.
The most fun a person can have. 
Capital E's dressing room...what shall I wear??
This'll do! Take it away Petunia aka Katie!
Asher/Director aka 'The Boss' being taught how to run the Control Room.
Chloe/Wardrobe & Make Up aka 2nd Camera Person taking control...
Dressing up...why not?!
No broken bones...yeah!
The race is on!
Swinging and skating...because we can.


  1. What a fantastic time you guys are all having. I am very, very jealous. I can't wait to see today's escapades. Keep updating us. :) Mrs S

  2. I think that you will always have a special place in your memories of these wonderful experiences you are sharing together on this trip. How lucky you all are to have people prepared to make this happen for you! Can't wait to catch up on everything when you get back guys! Travel safely and enjoy every minute :) Mrs T


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