Thursday, 12 May 2016

"Why Fit In When You Were Born To Stand Out?" ~ Dr Seuss


  1. Hello Rimu Class
    What are you trying to tell us about this clip. Is it related to your learning.


  2. Can you please show me how you can jump up and float in the air? Everytime I jump up I land too quickly. A lot of people try to fit in as they do not dare to stand out. Always be daring! I look forward to your next blog post.

    1. Hi Mr Robertson!
      Thank you for your comment. We filmed this in slow motion on Laura's IPHONE. It was really hard because we all sometimes jumped too early or late.

  3. Hi Rimu class
    I liked the way how you had the video of the people that where throwing the leaves in slow motion.
    From Ben at Awahono school

  4. lol that was funny and so cool you guys rooked that slow mation
    you girls rocked those leaves


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