Friday, 6 May 2016

The Mind Lab...with Jacob, Ian & Jayden!

For the next 6 weeks, every Friday morning, Ian, Jacob and Jayden are off to The Mind Lab to expand their skills and interest in coding, robotics, science and technology.

"I learnt how to use Scratch, which is coding. I learnt how to put everything in it's place. I created a really hard game. There is a base and you have to avoid the circles using a cube to get home. I found starting difficult - learning all the different instructions. I am looking forward to Week 3 where we will do robotics," said Jayden.

"I learnt how to create a game in Scratch. I haven't done that before. The game is basically a pacman maze, except your Pac-Man should not touch the black bits. It's really difficult. I am really looking forward to the robotics and engineering," said Jacob.

"I learnt how to use the instructions properly with direction - as you have to tell your piece what direction to go and how many degrees. I created a kind of Pac-Man game except you have to dodge the walls and there's no ghost. I am looking forward to making a movie and 2D animation. That's the stuff I really love in coding," said Ian.


  1. It is great to read about the different activities and challenges you are undertaking. Great to see how everyone has begun their statement with 'I have learnt...'

    I look forward to following your progress over the upcoming weeks.

  2. Hi my name is Antonio From Wesley intermediate i liked that you are really good with your tech but next time be more specific

  3. It is awesome to see you sharing something you are so enthusiastic about. I hope to see more about this.


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