Tuesday, 3 May 2016

New Zealand Sign Language with Victoria; our NZSL Tutor!

Today we learnt how to finger spell the alphabet and also finger spell our names. I learnt how to say the word 'your', because I always thought it was pointing but from the video you can see I know how to do it properly, (with your fist). I felt seeing what everyone was spelling with their name quite difficult. I'm looking forward to the Name Game which we will play next time Victoria is in!

By Hannah Spragg


  1. How great that the class is learning another language. Learning a language is a great gateway into how other people view and express themselves in the world. Thank you for your report Hannah. I look forward to more blog posts about NZSL.

  2. Hi Rimu class
    Hi it great to see school students enthusiastic about learning NZSL as it is an official language. Thank You for putting up such a nice post.
    Regards Zara.

  3. Hello
    We like how you use your hands to talk to each other. It was really well done maybe next time as you go you could translate what you are saying.
    Kinds Regards
    Sarah, Lily, Cameron and Jacob.


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