Thursday, 19 May 2016

Bully Free NZ Week - What Act of Kindness have YOU done today?

This week we have been doing Acts of Kindness and recording them on a piece of paper when we see, feel or hear it. The class set a goal for everyone to do 2 each. I wonder if we will when we read them out on Friday? 
Enjoy watching our video we made this week!


  1. What a stunning amalgamation of music and images! Every message on every whiteboard is so important. Our feelings are an integral part of who we are and we should always treasure everyone's uniqueness.

    Thank you for showing how caring we are at Yaldhurst Model School. Superb work!

  2. Fantastic YMS. It was very moving having your kind faces supporting those powerful messages.
    Bruce Cull
    PB4L Manager

  3. Tena koutou katoa

    Tino pai tenei! He mahi rangatira! This is awesome. Your messages of support for one another is courageous and shows that you can all make a difference.


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