Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Day Two - & they slept!

5:45am wake up. Boys wanted to get going. Breakfast, bags packed, ready to go. Inline skating. Balancing. Falling. Sore butts (snigger). Did it! So proud. 

Walking. National Archives. Learning. Declaration of Independence (for NZ). Actual Treaty of Waitangi. Petition for Women to have the vote. Rimu built room. 

Parliament. Lunch. Protests. Save the Whales! Media. Bree & Ariana are famous. Amy Adams visits. Fantastic speaker. Walking to Parliament. Said hi to Jacinda Ardern. Mrs Spragg over excited. #fangirl. Parliament in session. Winston. Andrew. Jacinda. Bill. Paula. Loved it.

Across the road. St Pauls. Big church. Pretty tired. Tim says it was boring. Hannah says it was pretty. More stairs!

Walking. Walking. Walking. Lampton Key. Flying Burrito Brothers. Yum! Hot Sauce Challenge. Staunch. 

Short walk(ish). Circa Theatre. Boring? Not sure. Pantomime. Shocked. Hilarious. Loved it. Meeting the actors. New love for some.

Home time. Short walk. Actual. Ready for sleep. Camp diaries. Gah! Now sleep. 


  1. Oh my goodness, you got to meet Jacinda!! I love our country, you never know who you’ll get to talk to. More fabulous adventures

  2. I know!!!!!! Jacinda is amazing. And this evening the class meet Bill English (more to come). So cool. :)


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