Friday, 8 December 2017

Day 4 - We are a little tired but still having fun

It is hot! Bit slower getting going. Walk to the Westpac Stadium. Oops, wrong way. Walk back a bit. Found it! Hot! Talking. More Talking. Going in. Corporate box. Fancy. $$$. Changing rooms. Boys smell (actually). Ice bath. Showers. Locker room. Some more talking. Time to go.

Shuttle. Wellington Zoo. Still so hot. Animals. Hills (ugh!). Chicken surgery. Chimps. Eating poo! "Grotty" said Trudi. Shade. Otters. Cuuuuuuuute! Ice blocks. Thanks Mr Robertson.

Space Place. Movie. Nap time. Mrs S may have snored. Creation of the universe. Robotics. Learning Pit. We can do it. Achievement. Exploring. 

Determination. Time to go. Great view. Cable Car. Little scary. Mr Robertson reassuring. Walking. McDonalds. Share box for the boys. Fries for Africa.

More walking. Not far. Laser force. We are ready to win!

Parents won (maybe, but don't ask the students). Dan, Lucy and Piper dominate. Time to go. Quick change. Diving. Again. All survived. But not the gopro. 

Bed time. Sleep time. Last day tomorrow.


  1. Talofa lava Rimu class it looks like it was a very exciting day for you's I hope you had lots of time to explore stuff Comment to Owiraka School.

  2. hi my name is myha and am from blaketown school.the wellington pool and zoo are so so soooooooooo fun sad that tommorw is your last day hope your class had a good trip
    by myha


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