Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Morgans 100WC - Teacher's Pick!

For Week#6 we are back to part of a sentence for this week. Remember the prompt can go anywhere in your work BUT it must make sense and be the prompt as it is written. It is:
…it felt like..
Before you start writing think of all the things you can touch & how they feel. What fabulous words can you think of to describe what you are experiencing. It might be an idea to close your eyes before you start and try touching a few things but make sure they are not harmful!
The Autumn mists were gathering early and the night was growing dark when it appeared. A round white ball shaped thing that had big oval eyes. It was staring at me, just sitting there looking at me. It was almost like it wanted something. I bent down to touch it but it fled into the bushes. A couple minutes later it came out. Suddenly it jumped at me; I thought the little puff ball was going to kill me, it started to drag me into the bushes. When I look up I see a bunch of white fluffy things ...What?

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