Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Day Two: Bealey Spur Track & The Mutton Cloth Challenge!

Isaac, Joe & Zach head off on our 6.5 hour hike up to Bealey Spur Hut - lots of mud, logs and walking sticks to keep us happy!
Woohoo at the viewpoint!

The Waimakariri River was on our right the whole way - 'twas a hard slog to get here; worth it for these magnificent views!

Half way!

We learnt a lot about map reading while on this walk. Paige is learning how to read a map and what tells us we're in the right place...we used a stick to point to where we thought we were. Our group was 2km off, so we missed out on the bag of marshmallows. 

Tussocks, sun, views & friends...Life is Good. 

Prudence's shoe came off in a muddy swamp.
Miss Blair laughed and took a picture. 

Here we are in the musterers hut at Bealey Spur - we made it! We thought these beds were more comfortable than our lodge beds!

There was a lot of happy campers by the time we got to the hut - and no dead possums in the water tank so we could refill our water bottles - yippee!

Tim aka 'Bear Grylls' taking in the view.

The van got a flat battery, but these lucky campers managed to get first rides out with Mr R - showers and afternoon tea - just what we felt like!

What do you think we're doing here?

Isaac & Joe checking out the waterfall behind our lodge.
After our evening activity, Megan made the most delicious apple crumble...Andrea made the custard...we're so lucky. 😊


  1. Awesome Day 2! What a massive walk. Dan and I think Zack is pretending he is a haggis or it was a life size sock puppet show. Were we right? Can't wait to read about Day 3. Take care and sleep well, you'll be needing it. :) Mrs S

  2. You were right. Zach says that you are making fun of him:-).��

  3. That is one massive hike, well done guys. Have been thinking about you guys all day wondering what your up to. Loving the uodates and photos. Mmmm apple crumble - yum yum.

  4. Just got asked how camp was going by Paige's nanna and I said going by the photos utterly fantastic. Say you all will sleep the whole weekend away going by all the activities. Some of the best memories are made at school camps and it looks like you all are doing just that, making fabulous life long memories :D

  5. Hello Rimu class,
    Looks like you are having a great time at your camp. Did you guys see any cool wildlife on your long walk?
    King regards Blake

    1. Hello Blake.
      Thanks for your comment. We had lots of fun. My favourite part was seeing the kea.

  6. Hi Rimu class,
    That looks like so much fun. What was you favorite actively. Did you learn anything and what did you learn.

    Kind Regards Monique

    1. Hi Monique,

      That was a really fun day because I liked walking through the mud. And getting to the top of the mountain!
      Kind Regards



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