Friday, 25 November 2016

Day Five: DOC Centre, Stretcher Making & Mock Rescue...Ice creams and Home!

It's raining, it's pouring...and we're off to the DOC centre to learn about the endangered animals in Arthur's Pass!

It's still raining and pouring, so we learn how to make stretchers in the community squash courts.
Why might we need to know how to make a stretcher?

Each group has 2 rain coats and 2 pieces of wood (branches).

Mr Robertson shouted us ice creams just before we left Arthur's Pass...we're so lucky!


  1. What a fantastic week you guys have had. Best camp ever, im told.
    Which animals are endangered at Arthurs Pass ?
    Ice Creams to finish off an awesome week, what more could you want !!!

    1. Hi Mrs Collings,
      Thank you for the comment, the camp was really fun and the animals endangered there are the kea, the kiwi, the falcon and many more birds.

      P.S The ice-creams tasted great and we loved them.

      Kind regards,

    2. Hi Carolyn,

      We had an awesome time! Exploring, walking and having a great time. I could do this again and again. The Keas are endangered. It is really sad.


  2. Bonjour Rimu Class,
    My name Is Maddison I am a student from Park Estate School and is a Learner in room 10. This post is very interesting and lovely to read and look at. The funny thing was that I thought that you guys went to camp Adair,since the building that you were walking out of looked like the cabins that we (Yr 5's and 6's) were staying at looked exactly like but as I read closely I saw that it wasn't Camp Adair. Like I said before very interesting.
    kind regards,


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