Friday, 25 November 2016

Day Four: Devil's Punchbowl Waterfall, Orienteering, Rock Art, Sensory Trail & Geocaching!

Off on our walk up to Devil's Punchbowl Waterfall!

The puzzle, that caused tears, tantrums and sulks...but lots of thinking and teamwork...eventually!
Well done to the first group who solved it in '6 or 7' minutes!

Devil's Punchbowl Waterfall!

Halfway around Arthur's Pass group really wanted to win Orienteering...

How cool is this?!

The 'Ninja Turtles' ended up coming 2nd...with a time of 38.36 mins - 5 minutes behind the winners!

Researching about Inuksuk - Inuit Rock Art - fascinating and very creative to look at. 

On The Sensory Trail...this is about 300m through the forest. A few tricks along the way...will upload the video of Tim walking into a tree soon...

The girls chilling out before tea...

After tea we learnt about Geocaching - basically a worldwide treasure hunt. This was very cool and we can't wait to continue it back at school!

Found our first one! 

We wrote our names and the date in the miniature notebook. 

Found our second! You put in a treasure and take a treasure. Emily had a wee turtle key ring she put in for someone else to find.

These two clowns amused us for quite a while!

Trying to find our third Geocache near the waterfall behind the lodge - this one was rated as a 4.5 to find. The scale is 1-6 - 1 being the easiest; 6 being the hardest. 

Found it! Under the viewing platform - had to use our torches on our phones to see it.

Inspecting the treasures...

Who needs fancy pudding? Good ol' instant pudding and jelly works a treat - no need to do the dishes either with these scavengers cleaning up!


  1. "Steps ... my old nemesis" - how did you all find the walk up to the Punchbowl? I'd love to hear more about the challenging puzzle. What did you have to do? What was challenging? Why did Miss Blair sulk? :) Mrs S

    1. Well for the second group that had to figure out the challenge
      was quite a cluster of argument.

    2. Hi Mrs Spragg,

      I liked this day so much because I love doing the sensory trail and finding the geocaching!


    3. Hi Mrs Spragg,

      The Devil's Punchbowl was amazing, but there were LOTS of stairs to go up. The puzzle was really confusing, my group didn't finish the challenge because we argued a lot. I think if we didn't argue we would complete it.

      Yaldhurst Model School, Christchurch

  2. How many legs where aching after walking up to the punchbowl what`did you have to find for orienteering I would love to hear more about the geocaching. Eben

    1. Hi Eben,
      Thank you for the comment.
      The walk was exhausting and the waterfall in the Devil's Punchbowl was breath-taking.
      Geocaching is fun but you will have to give up an item of yours to gain the item in a box/plastic case you have found and you can make a free account on your computer by searching up the website.

      P.S Nearly all of our legs were aching, including mine.

      Kind regards,

    2. Hello Eben,

      The camp was great but after all the walks we did I think everyone's legs ached. for the orienteering we had to find little white post with a metal plaque on it with a number and a word and we had to write the word next to the right number on the piece of paper, It was really fun mainly because the group I was in won. With the geocaching we actually found the first one on accident up at the devil's punch bowl because my friend Jorja dropped her drink bottle lid down off the viewing platform so our camp organizer had to go down and get it so we were all watching him and one of the boys Isaac saw a little box hanging off the bottom of the platform on a string so I pulled it up and we all had a look, our organizer explained what it was and so we started having fun with it anyways you can have a look if there are any near you if you want just go on the website and make a free account, its really cool!

      Yaldhurst Model School

  3. Sounds amazing up there Rimu, I am very jealous sitting here behind my laptop. I love Geocaching as well just make sure you watch out for "Muggles" they are everywhere!

    1. geocaching is so fun Mark we enjoyed it we where looking for geocaches for about an hour and Joe and i found one each from our group.


  4. Hi my name is Lile and I am from Park Estate School. I have to say that waterfall you boys and girl went on was very interesting and a little scary. I like photos you took but next time you should add more detail and writing some more to hook the reader and to make it more

    Kind regards


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