Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Rimu is famous!

Our amazing Student Council have been working hard on learning and then teaching Kī-o-rahi, a traditional Māori game, to the rest of the class. Not only that they have also organised a learning session with other schools and a tournament with the cluster school.

The Press heard about it and came along to watch and learn. We've been waiting for it to come onto Stuff and today was the day.

Check it out:


  1. Kia ora Rimu,
    You certainly are famous! Mark (Mr Maddren) emailed me the link to the Stuff article and I read all about you and your skills at learning Kī-o-rahi. It was very interesting to read about the legend behind the traditional Māori game too. How did you find teaching others the game? When is your tournament going to be? I look forward to seeing photos.

  2. Hi Rimu

    Was it fun learning Ki-o-rahi? I think it would be fun to learn this game and all about it.

    Room 4

  3. Flynn,
    Room 4
    Drummond school

    Hi I really like how you are embracing this Maori game its really cool how you have made a tournament and are getting recognized I think its really cool great job my blog is


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