Friday, 2 September 2016

Our Olympic Celebration Winners!

This post is a follow up our Olympic Celebration post a couple of weeks back that we wrote and shared with you all. At the end of The Olympics we counted up the medal tallies for all the countries.
The winners were: Germany! (Jesse, Nikita & Gus)
2nd Place: Japan (Bella N & Tim)
3rd Place: France (Katie, Paige & Ariana)

We brought in lollies and made them medals. It was good how the class did the tallies when Jesse and I forgot to. I really liked how when we sorted out the countries at the start everyone was co-operating and no one complained what country they were in!

                                                             By Violet (Year 6)


  1. hi i am Patronilla from christ the king school and keep the work up

  2. Hi i'm Patrick keep up the work and I like the clothing and the medals


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