Saturday, 3 September 2016

Our 40 Hour Famine Results!

Alex from World Vision came to visit yesterday which was exciting. She told us our final total we raised was $1006.50! This year the money is going towards helping the children of Syrian refugees get some education while in their refugee camps. It costs $100 to train a teacher...if we raised $1000 how many teachers will we train?
Some of us also put 10 hours of our 40 Hour Famine towards our Community Service for our William Pike Challenge Award. We are HEROes!


  1. A truly stunning effort. What a great way to prove that the world really is a village and that we can all help each other. Well done. How cool is it to put food in people's mouths?!?!?!

  2. hi my named is Kelly i'm a student form park estate school i really like the photo it awosome


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