Thursday, 4 May 2017

Easter Fun Day - A little late ...

A little delayed but here is a photo story of our Easter Fun Day. 

The teachers were a little crazy and had a bubble party before school started. The Easter Bunny had been to visit too - stolen the teachers keys and filled the cubbies with balloons. Who knew the Easter Bunny was so cheeky.

We had a great day making and creating our Easter Hats. The class was a bit of a mess, but we cleaned up well.

There was an Easter Hunt (what a busy day the Easter Bunny had). We do love chocolate. 

After break there was the Easter Parade, egg drop and the chicken dance. It was a bit cold and slightly damp but we made it. 

Thanks everyone for making it such a great day.
Enjoy the photos (sorry some are sideways, not sure why).

Easter Fun Day 2017 on PhotoPeach


  1. It is great to see that we can have fun at school. I love seeing the creativity of everyone involved. I suspect this creativity happens in Rimu more often than not. I look forward to your next blog post.

  2. Hi! I am Antonette from St Bernadette's Primary School. It was cool that you said that the Easter Bunny could be cheeky!. Thank you for putting some photos up. Maybe next time when you do the "Egg Drop" please explain what you do for the people that don't know what that is. Did you dress up when it was the day of the Easter Fun?.

    1. Hey Antonette!
      The easter bunny is the best! The egg drop is a technology challenge, we get 2 plastic bags, 4 pieces of paper, 4 skewers and 1 raw egg. We have half an hour to plan and build, we have to make sure that when the egg is dropped from the roof that it wont break. No, we don't dress up but we have fun anyway!
      Thanks for your comment!
      From Hannah,
      Yaldhurst Model School

  3. I love love love your easter hats rimu

  4. Hi its Josh from Grey Main School. was this for Easter? I like the music you used it is so cool.

  5. Hi my name is Nikora and i'm from south hornby school and I like how you made this blog post with a different format and Nice music I like it but probably next you could try and put your pictures on point. Nice job

  6. Kia Ora Rimu class, my name is Kyra from Mamaku 1, Grey Main School! I love the way you have presented your work on photo-peach because it looks and sounds much better than just doing it on a google slide. I use Photo-peach sometimes for presenting schoolwork, do you use photo-peach often?

    This also reminds me of doing Easter related things at school when Easter time comes around. Some of the activities that we do are making baskets for small Easter eggs that we get to take home if we complete that activity. We also do a compare and contrast activity where we pick 2 countries and compare them to each other on how they celebrate Easter.

    This was a very great piece of work and how you formatted it. Miharo (amazing) work!
    From Kyra,
    Mamaku 1, Grey Main School, Term 2, 2017! Click on my name to view my blog!

  7. hi good writing and i like that music im from south hornby good fhoto

  8. Hi my name is Gerald I am from south hornby. I like ho made this And i like your song and i like your pictures Good Job.

  9. Hi rimo school

    It looks like your Easter fun day was the best day ever
    What else did you do? What you like to do it again but different thing with a different teacher? I know I would like to do it.

    Drummond scho

  10. Top In The Morning To Ya
    Hi my name is Josh and it looks like you fun making easter stuff at school but one thing I want to ask you how many hats were made at the end of the day

    Room 4
    Drummond school


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