Friday, 10 February 2017

What a Fantastic Week!

It really has been another fantastic week. The children are really settling down well and meeting our expectations in regards to positive work ethics and behaviour.

Thank you to all who came to see us on Tuesday night at the Meet the Teacher Event. We really appreciate you taking the time to come in and see how our Learning Hub will be operating this year. We are really happy to have you on board. After the discussions we had with you that evening, we have made the following changes. As of Monday, children who bring mobile phones to school with them, will hand them to us at the start of the day and it will be returned to them at 3pm. We will store them securely and carefully.

This week our Year 7s and 8s had their first Technology Session at Lincoln Primary. Although the bus failed to arrive to pick them up, we had a Plan B up our sleeves and many thanks go to Mrs Spragg, Mrs Manton and Mr Robertson for ferrying them there. We had a lovely email from Lincoln about how fantastic our children were and how they were living up to our HERO values. We are super proud of them.

In other news this week, we created structures out of spaghetti and marshmallows, with the goal being to see who could build the tallest structure that could support a kinder egg for at least 30 seconds. They worked collaboratively in groups to design and then make their structure. There was a varied amount of success with this activity, with many not prepared to accept defeat and coming up with new plans and ideas based on what they had learnt from their first attempt. We have some real budding designers on our hands.

Next week is shaping up to be another full week with exciting opportunities planned alongside the finishing of our assessments. We are really looking forward to our Sailing taster day on Wednesday. Swimming lessons happen again next week also. 


  1. It is so great to see the cooperation and resilience that our students are demonstrating. There is never a dull moment when you are a YMS HERO. Now if we can just have some warmer weather for swimming.

    I look forward to Rimu's next blog post.

  2. Ni Hau Rimu, our names are Kyra & Jasmine from Mamaku 1, Grey Main School . We thought your spaghetti and marshmallow towers were pretty cool and creative. This reminds us of school experiments like the marshmallow guns and the traffic light drinks. Maybe next time you could show us some pictures of the people who got the kinder egg on their tower. How did you get the spaghetti sticks through the marshmallows without it snapping it? Miharo (Amazing) Work!

  3. Ohayo. Its Callum and Billie-Jean here from Grey Main School in Greymouth. We like your structures and we asked our teacher Mrs Prendergast if we could do it and she said yes. This reminded us of when we go hiking because we normally have this to eat. Question when will you put you next blog post up Bye.

    1. Kia Ora Callum,

      This was fun to do in class but my group kinda failed because our structure was bad. It was still fun.

    2. My teams structure was bad to but yours was probaly better then my groups go to Abby's learning blog to see my groups one

  4. Kia Ora Rimu Class my name is Blake I am from Grey Main School. I really like your spaghetti and marshmallows structures. Maybe next time put the marshmallows all up the spaghetti stick and make a entry and make it like a little hut but they still look cool. I might like to try to make one myself because I like them. Maybe you can tell me how?
    Goodbye and see you again.

  5. kia Ora Well done for being creative it looks so cool and fun. What was the best out of the class. Maybe next time we could see everyone's pictures. Would you do something different next time ? This is Harris Deklan Luke from Mamaku Grey Main School.

    1. It was very fun and creative, but I have no knowledge about who won, because I have forgotten about it. I would do something different next time. Thanks for the lovely comment, Deklan M.


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