Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Rimu's Last NZSL session...

We have a class of signers! In our class is Jorja, our wonderful student who is profoundly Deaf. This means we have Victoria, who is a New Zealand Sign Language Tutor come into our class each week for an hour and teach us sign language, so we can all communicate with Jorja better. This was our last session and Victoria presented us all with certificates for completing this year of NZSL.

If you would like to see Jorja's 'Sign of the Week' she does for our whole school in assemblies, please visit her blog:

Here is another great clip if you're interested in learning some basic NZSL for the classroom:


  1. This is fantastic! I think all schools should be taught sign language. We even use little bits of it at home. It's also been lovely go be able to say god morning and after to Jorja thanks to Paige teaching me.
    Well done Rimu, I hope you all will continue to use and develop this fabulous skill :D

  2. What a fantastic journey you have all been on. How wonderful to unlock the secrets of NZSL. Thinking about things in different languages and expressing thoughts and feelings in various languages always provides fresh perspectives in the world.

    Recently at an old age home I came across someone who was deaf. The mere fact that I could say 'hi' and spell out my name brought a beaming smile to her face. I am so grateful that I know a little NZSL.

    Well done everyone!


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