Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Go Jacob aka Leg Cleaner of the Year!


  1. Well done!.. Took a brave wee soul to stand up in front of everyone and take a leg off then to clean it!.. A good story to tell in the future :)

    1. I know - wasn't Jacob amazing?! Hope you enjoyed it. :)

    2. I thought the whole night was amazing, I loved it.. I've found myself retelling Willam's story a few times now and about the challenge to people who think it's amazing, the story and the opportunity you're giving our kids to participate in it, thank you :)

  2. Was is a leg cleaner? How did the leg get dirty? Why is everyday a good day? So many questions.

  3. I still remember this evening with great fondness. I thought that Jacob was daring to take on this challenge. One could say it was his first William Pike Challenge. I look forward to hearing about the next William Pike Challenge.


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