Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Should NZ change its flag? We are creating our own persuasive speeches - what a great example!

In Rimu class this morning we took a survey; 6 out of 19 people in the classroom thought it was about time NZ changed its flag. After listening to John Key give a persuasive 6 minute speech he managed to convince 5 of us to change our minds. Now 11 out of 19 want to change the flag. 

Rimu's points FOR changing the flag include: Our flag looks too much like Australia's, people overseas don't recognise it, we like the 'silver fern' and we want to feel proud of our country and that includes our flag.

Rimu's points AGAINST changing the flag include: it costs too much, it's just a piece of fabric - who cares? People fought and died for our current flag. 

What do you think? Should NZ change its flag? Give us your reason/s. We would love to hear them!

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  1. I think NZ is due for a change of flag. Our flags identity gets confused with Australia which makes me feel like we are Australia's little brother or sister. I want my son and daughter to grow up knowing their identity and to be proud of it. When my brother travelled overseas he got a tattoo of the silver fern on his shoulder, not the flag. He did this to feel connected with NZ even when away from our lovely country.


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