Saturday, 20 June 2015

The School Council says it's the Disco Friday night! What's your favourite music to dance to?


  1. Hello Rimu class Teacher I am Johvana from Whakamaru school a student of course I like that your class has a lot of wackiness such a funny bunch of kids. I have just one question for you what was the theme? You can look at my blog this is the link please leave comments and ask your students to as well.

    1. Hi Johvana, thanks for commenting! The School Council, in the end, decided not to have a theme because people like dressing up in their own special clothes for the Disco. We only have one a year, so it's their choice! The Council decided to wear our Blooms Taxonomy hats for the photo - these usually live on our wall! Have you had a Disco this year? And YES, we have an intelligent, funny and creative bunch of kids in this class - how about your class? I will look at your blog. Have a great day!

      Miss Blair
      Rimu Class Teacher


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