Thursday, 14 May 2015

Foxy and Mango visit Rimu...:)

Asher holding Mango. Mango is the most placid of the 3 bunnies.
Foxy is the fluffiest and looks very content here! Thanks Issy and Deb for bringing your bunnies in!


  1. They are just toooooo cute!!! How adorable is the wee grey one. I hope you get to keep him Isabelle.

  2. Is that a rabbit because that thing looks like a fluff ball.

  3. What gorgeous rabbits! What was the special occasion? My cat is the same grey colour. Are you studying rabbits at the moment?
    Mrs Garthwaite, Balmacewen Intermediate

    1. Hi Mrs Garthwaite, we weren't studying bunnies, but that sounds interesting. Issy has bunnies of her own who had babies, so she brought them in. I liked holding Mango, she was so fluffy!

      Asher :-)


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