Wednesday, 22 April 2015

We have a new game to play!

Isabelle & Nikita introduced the game 'cookie'. It's fun learning something different!


  1. Do you get to eat cookies in it? That would then be the BEST game!

  2. Hi every one my names felix I am from rm3 balmac this game would be the best if you got eat cookies but I would like to get the instructions if don't mind so i can show my class it thank you

    1. Hi Felix, we were two of the students that organised the game.
      And we agree that we should have modified the game and used a cookie or two. We would love to give you the instruction to play this game!
      All that was needed to play the game was a roll of newspaper, a chair, and something you can substitute as a blind fold (we just used a school jersey), a ball OR A COOKIE (we had to use something to stop the ball from rolling out from under the chair).
      You need to have a coned area around a chair (the chair needs to have the ball under it).
      Only two people are allowed to go in the coned off area at a time, otherwise a whole heap of people end up trying to get the ball (getting the ball is the aim of the game) and it gets rather unfair for whoever is on the chair trying to keep the ball.
      There are two taggers who try tag people that are aiming to get the ball, these taggers are not allowed in the coned off area.
      As soon as two people get in the coned off area no one else can go in, and they are the ones who try to get the ball.
      If they are whacked by the person on the chair with, they have to leave the coned area and someone else can try and be the first one in the coned off area.
      If someone successfully gets the ball without getting whacked by the person in the chair, they replace the person in the chair and another round is started.
      At the beginning of new round every one has to line up and when the ref says go, the new round starts.
      Don't forget to make sure the person on the chair has the blindfold on before the new round starts and that they have the roll of news paper too.
      Hope everything has been covered if you have any more questions feel free to ask!

      -Nikita & Isabelle

  3. Thanks when I readwhacked I thought whack with your hand lol

  4. Richard from Balmac
    We have played that game that game was cool. Who made that game? She or he is really smart.

  5. Hi Richard,

    Thanks for your feedback! It was Nikita and Isabelle's game - see above for their description. Glad you enjoyed it. :)

    Miss Blair,


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